Stories, Fables, Tales, and Legends
of the Irish Dragoons

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History of the Regiments    
  Third Regiment On Parade
The BlackHawk Incident  
  Lucky Mike and the M.M.R.V.
The Nightmare and the Dream Catcher  
  True History of the Irish Dragoons Division
The Naganita's Kill  
  Project Fledermaus
Battle for the Donar  
  The Narwhale Project
The Nazgul Mk. XIV   
  The Joshua Missile System
The Dragoon Main Battle Tank   
  The Whirlwind & Dust Devil
  Air Defence Team
The Hi-Scout Drone Carrier and Drones   
  The Mobile Hyper
  Pulse Generator
The MVT-325 Hydra Minesweeper  
  The Nickelson
  Bridge King
Tradition of the Black Velvet Band  
  MTW-191 Phalanx
  Heavy Recovery Vehicle
MTT-750 Flexagon  
  MTT-291 R.O.V.E.R.
AVT-64 Slingshot  
  41st Security Detachment and
  Centipede Hover Scout Lance
Tonbo Superheavy Transport  
      The Omega and
The Konigstiger Project

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