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The Dream Catcher

   “Well, Star Captain, what do you think?”
   Star Captain Harmon considered the battlerom he had just seen then answered, “It is a most impressive machine, Star Colonel.  I would very much like to get my hands on the controls.  Which Clan has developed this machine and how soon can we set up a Trial of Possession?”

   The Star Colonel chuckled.  “The machine is called Nightmare, and it is not a Clan design.  It is a product of the Lyran Alliance so there will be no Trial.”

   The Star Captain mulled over the information.  “That is unfortunate.  The Inner Sphere just does not have the technology to do justice to that design.  As good as it is, can you imagine how truly great we could make it with our advantages?”

   “Yes, Star Captain, I can.  That is why you are here.”  He tossed a data cube to the Star Captain.  “This is the complete set of specifications that our agents have been able to procure.  You have six months to build me a superior prototype utilizing Clan technology. Do you have any idea what your first modification will be?

   "Yes, Star Colonel. I will get rid of those extra cockpits! A true Mechwarrior does not need a companion during battle."

    The Star Colonel chuckeled.


   Six months later:
“Here is the result I promised, Star Colonel.”  There was pride in his voice.

   The Star Colonel reviewed the specifications and watched the test battlerom.  “Yes, Harmon, it is all you promised and more.  What have you named this machine?”

   “I have named it the Dream Catcher, because no Nightmare will ever get past it.”



   Six months later on New Ireland:

   “Well Major, What’d ya’ think?”

   Major O’Hulahan considered the battlerom he had just seen then answered, “That’s a hell of a machine, Colonel.  I bet the First and Second Regiments would very much like to get their hands on one.  How soon are they gonna’ set up a Trial of Possession?”

   The Colonel chuckled.  “The First and Second don’t know about it yet.  The lizards call the machine Dream Catcher.”  At the major’s puzzled response the colonel added, “Ask Ensign Yellowthunder.  He’ll explain the significance.  We’re gonna’ mount a ‘reconnaissance in force’ and grab one.  Then the First and Second can come beggin’ to us for a change.  Who knows, we just might keep it.  As a matter of fact, we will.  I'm gonna' have it redone in our colors and a big "3R" painted on the sides so everyone'll know it belongs to the Third Regiment ” 

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