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  Bengal's Tiger Brigade
   Original military arm of the Royal Alterian Armed Forces, latest employer of the Irish Dragoons.
  Quin's Quads Mercenary Company
   Another fine Irish mercenary unit based entirely on quad' 'Mechs. The Quad's and Dragoons each have a standing liaison unit assigned to the other command.
  Blackhawk's Armored Cavalry
   Outstanding mercenary organization and "sister" unit of the Irish Dragoons. The two units have cooperated many times in the past against Inner Sphere and Clan foes alike.
  Battletech Universe
   One of the Internet's Top Battletech Fan Sites. Contests, forums, galleries and additional links are available.
  Redstar Renegades
  Well qualified independant unit and long time supporters of the Irish Dragoons.
  Clan Moonraker
  A sub Clan of the Clan Nova Cat. They opperate primarily in R.A.A.F. space and have become the number one antagonist to the Irish Dragoons.
Lords of the Battlefield
  Lords of the Battlefield
  The fan site where the cocept of the Irish Dragoons was born and flourished through its completion.
Heavy Gause
  Heavy Gauss
  Dave Fanjoy's amazing miniatures gallery.
Exodus Road Hobbies
  Exodus Road Hobbies
  Classic BattleTech miniatures & books along with Reaper Warlord, CAV, Dark Heaven Legends, sci-fi, fantasy and other tabletop miniature games.
Warhawk PPC
  Warhawk PPC
  A fan site mainly focusing on the Clans, with histories, touman listings and artwork. Also features lots of mech art. is the ultimate source for on-line Technical Readout, OOP Scenarios and OOP Sourcebooks information.

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