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   Originally the reserve battalion was known as the 13th Reserve Battalion (County Down Irregulars). The battalion was made up of a variety of units. It included 'Mechs what were no longer used in a front line capacity. Some of these machines were ones that were replaced by newer 'Mechs in the First and Second Regiments but were still battle worthy. Others were really too old or outdated for combat, but could still be used for training and occupation duties. The Irish Dragoons had an abhorrence of waste that almost approached the Clan obsession on the subject.

   The battalion also served several other functions. Any new BattleMech or vehicle design was sent to the 13th for full field testing and evaluation. Since the Irish Dragoons run an extensive exchange program with other house and mercenary units, the County Down Irregulars is the initial starting point for incoming members of the exchange program. Here they receive introduction to the Dragoons' philosophy and battle tactics. From the 13th they can move into regular regiments for more advanced training. While these "exchange students" are with the Irish Dragoons, they retain their originating unit's color scheme. As a result of this riotous, multiplicity of colors, the 13th usually lacks the coordinated appearance of a regular Dragoons unit.

   Finally, the battalion serves as a repository for units of great sentimental value to the Dragoons. These include the Division's first BattleMech, the notorious Mackie and the Dragoons' own experimental OXB-101 Ox Bow (a.k.a. the Shamrock).

   However, the unit began to be plagued with a long series of mishaps and misfortunes. These ranged from numerous, pesky maintenance issues to severe accidents. The battalion began to lose an inordinate number of interdivision war games. 'MechWarriors being the suspicious lot that they are, began to suggest and then grumble about becoming a hard-luck unit due to the unit's designation. The protestations became so insistent and vocal that the Dragoon's high command began to fear a mutiny. Cooler heads prevailed in the battalion and a formally worded request to change the unit's name was forwarded through proper channels. The petition was favorably received because, in truth, no one in the high command was particularly happy with a 13th battalion anyway. The members of the battalion were instructed to form a committee to select and present a new name.

   Unfortunately there were an inordinate number of Welshmen on the committee and after a relatively short term of deliberation, they decided to honor an outstanding Welsh unit with a valiant history.

   They suggested the 24th Welsh Battalion.

   The high command wasn't particular happy with the non-Irish suggestion, but the Welsh were Celtic and Wales had had a long history with Ireland. So the suggestion was approved. However, the unit was raised to Regiment status since as a reserve and liaison organization the unit's strength fluctuated a great deal.


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