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   The Special Air Group, known as S.A.G. was not originally part of the 21st Combined Air Group. The two lances of LAMs were a more or less autonomous unit. They would be assigned singly or in groups up to their entire strength to what ever unit needed their unique talents. After the Third Regiment successfully completed the Fledermaus Project, it was decided that the Third Regiment didn't really want to carry out the extensive flight operations entailed in handling a lance of ground launched air reconnaissance units. Since the S.A.G. was already well experienced in this area, the two Fledermaus and two Manta units were transferred to S.A.G. and were re-designated as the Mobile Air Reconnaissance Service; or M.A.R.S. for short. This left the Stingray launch vehicle still under command of the Third Regiment's Air Defense Command.

    Later when the 360th Aerospace Wing joined the Irish Dragoons, the High Command (under incessant urging from the Quartermaster Corps), transferred the Special Air Group under the nominal command of the 21st. It was believed that since S.A.G. was mainly a flying organization, they would benefit from the 21st command and supply structure. Although the S.A.G. falls officially under the command of the 21st Combined Air Group, they are still basically an autonomous unit. They remain free to take part in operations being staged by any unit in the Irish Dragoons.


The Nosferatu
Colonel   Nazgul MK XIV
Lt. Colonel Nemesis

Fly By Nights
Colonel Phoenix Hawk

  RTT-75 Manta
  RTT-75 Manta
  RTT-70 Fledermaus
  RTT-70 Fledermaus
  VF-1 Valkyrie
  Gorgon/Stingray Launch System

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