Table of Organization
and Equipment
21st Combined Air Group

888th Close Support Group

111th Close Assault Squadron
23rd Heavy Bombardment Squadron
109th Helicopter Attack Team 

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      The 111th Close Assault Squadron, 23rd Heavy Bombardment Squadron, 52nd Airborn Transport Command, and the 109th Helicopter Attack Team all made up the original air support contingent for the Irish Dragoons. Although the squadrons were reletaively small in comparison to those of many mecenary units, the squadrons managed to cover the majority of the airial support functions for the Irish Dragoons. Once it was decided to combine the contingent with the 360th AeroSpace Wing, the squadrons were designated as the 888th Close Support Group to help them maintain a their original sence of unit cohesiveness.

    The 111th Squadron is a low level, close support unit that relies on mostly on board weaponry to attack Battlemechs, armor, and other important ground targets. External ordnance can be carried, but the squadron tatics favor a high speed, high maneouverability attack patterns.

    The 23rd Squadron medium to high level, heavy bombardment unit. Massive loads of external ordnance are the main armmament to attack their designated targets from a varity of altitudes.

    The 52nd Airborne Transport Command provid all forms of transport short of DropShip functionality. They can carry all manner of supplies, eguipmen, and personel as well as paratroop deployment.


111th Close Assault Squadron  
(The Winged Demons)
Group Commander   A-171  Taipan
Colonel   A-171  Taipan
Lt. Colonel A-95  Black Adder  
Major A-95  Black Adder  
Captain A-53 Mamba  
Lieutenant A-53 Mamba  

23rd Heavy Bombardment Squadron   (Sur Nez)
  A-55M  FireFall
Colonel   A-55M  FireFall
  AC-119  Flying Boxcar  
Major AC-119  Flying Boxcar  
Captain A-201 Harpy  
Lieutenant A-201 Harpy  

109th Helicopter Attack Team  
(Clancy’s Top Hats )
   Pinto Heavy Assault Helicopter
  Warrior H8 Attack Helicopter - Panther Class
   Gibralter Heavy Assault/Transport Helicopter
  Warrior H8 Attack Helicopter - Panther Class
Colonel    Donar Assault Helicopter

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