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21st Combined Air Group

360th Aerospace Wing

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   The 360th Aerospace Wing is known as the Dark Angles, and is organized into three flights. If the wing has been assigened to attack ground units then the Devil Rays fly high combat air patrol (HI-CAP).  HI-CAP usually patrols at the edge of the atmosphere to interdict any space born support or reinforcemant effort.

    The Flying Circus  normal combat air patrol (NOR-CAP).  NOR-CAP aircraft will intedict any atmospheric craft attempting to interfear with the operation.  As they constitute the middle layer, they may be pulled up to help the HI-CAP if necessary.  They may also drop down to join in the ground assault group.

    The Red Tailed Hawks make up the primary ground assault group (GAG).  These units perform the initial ground attack.  If they need additional support then the NOR-CAP may be called in.

   One tactic the Dark Angles like to employ in a "target rich environment" is to have all three flights make an initial attack into the area and then take up their assigned combat duties.


Slean's Flying Circus
General  Brendan Slean - Wing Commander   F-90  Stingray
Colonel  Jane Auer SL-25  Samurai  (4)
Lt. Colonel Paul Lemmon - Wing X.O. STU-K5  Stuka  (2)
Major CSR-V12  Corsair  (3)
(Blue Knights)  Captain TR-10 Transit  (5)
(Blue Knights)  Lieutenant SPR-H5 Sparrowhawk  (6)

Dometri's Devil Rays
Colonel Alberto Dometri - Flight Commander SL-17 Shilone  (1)
Major SL-15 Slayer  (2)
Captain CHP-W5 Chippewa  (3)
Lieutenant TR-13 Transgressor  (4)
Captain Jim Albright LCF-R15 Lucifer (5)
Lieutenant F-100 Reiver  (6)

Red Tailed Hawks
Major - Flight Commander F-10 Cheetah  (1)
Captain SL-21 Sholagar  (2)
Lieutenant SYD-21 Seydlitz  (3)
Lieutenant TR-7 Thrush  (4)
Lieutenant Mechbuster  (5)
Lieutenant Mechbuster  (6)

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